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In Brazil, NovaFrota is a reference when it comes to Star Trek, science fiction, fantasy and science. The fan club is the sequel of the former Frota Estelar Brasil, an entity that was created in 1989 and for almost 3 decades revolutionized the Brazilian fandom, gathering almost 2,000 people as its members.

And the same team from the former Frota is responsible for NovaFrota, continuing the actions that placed Brazil on the map of the global trekker community. By the hands of this team, the stars George Takei (Sulu), Walter Koenig (Chekov), and Leonard Nimoy, Spock himself, came to our country to take part in major international conventions, with a crowded auditorium and great media repercussion.

NovaFrota, with all this accumulated experience, has brought in its nearly two years of activity the dear René Auberjonois (Deep Space Nine's Odo), Doug Jones (Star Trek: Discovery, and several Guillermo Del Toro’s movie films), and recently Connor Trinneer, the first Star Trek: Enterprise actor to set foot in Latin America for an event with fans.

All the celebrities who were in Brazil became friends of NovaFrota's team, lavishly praising on the treatment they had on Brazilian soil. Not to mention the incredible receptivity of the national fans, as well as of others from neighbor countries, who honored the conventions.

But NovaFrota is not just a producer of big events. It regularly publishes the original geek-themed Diário de Bordo (“Ship Logbook”), along with several exclusive Star Trek newsletters and other topics of interest to its associates. It has a strong presence on social networks, through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

NovaFrota is a project based on the strong creative ability of its commanders, and it also looks ahead to the future. The ever-expanding fan club, which has had a brilliant past, promises to have an even more fantastic future.

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